Missing Number

6. Each number on the wheel and its opposite number equal 21. So 15 plus 6 equals 21.

4 Litres Of Berries

Step 1. Fill the 5-Litre pot with blueberries

Step 2. Pour the berries from the 5-Litre pot into the 3-Litre pot until it is filled. 

Step 3. Empty the 3-Litre pot and then pour the two remaining litres from the large pot into it. The 3-Litre pot now has 2 litres of berries.

Step 4. Fill the 5-Litre pot and then use it to top off the 3-Litre pot. You now have 4 litres  of berries in the 5-Litre pot.


September 29 Answer

100 Bill Anwer

$100. The man steals the $100 and returns it. What the owner loses is the $70 in goods and $30 in change.

Are You A Genius

The answer is 6. 

To get the number after the equals sign you have to multiply the the number before the equals sign by the number below.  8×7=56  7×6 =42 6×5 = 30 and so on. So 3×2 = 6

Doubling Berries

The field was full on day 99. The wording of the question along with the numbers 100 and one half lead many people to say day 50.

Triangle Puzzle

There are 13 triangles.

Fruit Math

Two Mothers and Two Daughters Answer


The two mothers and two daughters are only three people. There is a grandmother, a mother and a daughter.

The Grandmother and Mother make up the two mothers.

The Mother and the Daughter make up the two daughters.

My Father's Son answer

The answer to this puzzle is the man’s son. The easiest way to solve this is to answer  the last part of the question first. Who is my father’s son if I have no brothers? It’s me.  So replace my father’s son with the word me. Brothers and sisters I have none, but this man’s father is me. And there you have the answer.

Weighing Blueberries Puzzle Answer


Divide the berries into three groups of three. Weight two of these groups and set the third group aside. If the one group is heavier than the other you know which group contains the heaviest berry. If both groups balance then the heaviest berry is in the third group.

Take the group with the heaviest berry and put two of the berries on the scale and set the third berry aside. If scales do not balance you know which berry is the heaviest. If the scales balance, then the third berry is the heaviest.

Berry Triangle Puzzle

Place the top berry on the bottom.  Next move the two berries from the now second bottom row and place them on the now top row.

Berry Parking Lot

The trick of this puzzle is that you are viewing the numbers upside down. When you view them correctly you see the pattern 86, ?, 88, 89, 90 ,and 91. The berry is covering parking space 87.

Berry Math Puzzle Answer.
ORDER OF OPERATIONS: Brackets, then Exponents, then Multiplication and Division in the order in which they occur, then Addition and Subtraction in the order in which they occur.
So: strawberry=5, blueberry=10, and raspberry=1
Multiplication is done before addition.. so 1×10=10

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