Old Fashioned Wild Blueberry Muffins

Prepare to take a trip back to yesteryear with this recipe for Old Fashioned Wild Blueberry Muffins. If the truth be told, Wild Blueberries are just as good now as they were back then.

Ozark Wild Blueberry Pie

Calling this recipe a blueberry pie recipe is doing it a disservice as it requires the addition of cranberries and oranges, which to my knowledge are not associated with the Ozarks.

Wild Blueberry Banana Bread

Wild Blueberry Banana Bread narrowly edged out Ozark Blueberry Pie in the competition for today's recipe. Imagine the delight of banana bread with blueberries sprinkled throughout. No wonder it won.

Sugar Free Wild Blueberry Cake

For all those who have been looking for a sugar-free blueberry recipe, we are happy to present this blue ribbon Sugar Free Wild Blueberry Coffee Cake

Wild Blueberry Dessert Squares

Today's recipe, Wild Blueberry Dessert Square pays tribute to the shape which inspired it. I bet you didn't know geometry was so tasty.

Wild Blueberry Apple Crisp

As the apple and wild blueberry seasons briefly meet, today we salute both fruit by providing a recipe for Wild Blueberry Apple Crisp.

PEI Wild Blueberry Buckle

Today's recipe is PEI Wild Blueberry Buckle. It is said that the name buckle was given to the dessert because of its tendency to break apart or buckle as it was being removed from the pan.

5 Minute Blueberry Pie

I know we are all rushed these days but if you have five minutes you can make this 5 minute wild blueberry pie. It may not last that long, however.

No Sugar Added Wild Blueberry Banana Muffins

Today's recipe is for those who wanted a recipe with no sugar. We scoured our collection and our No Sugar Added Wild Blueberry Banana Muffins appear to fit the bill.

Marilyn’s Wild Blueberry Pie

Today's recipe, Marilyn's Wild Blueberry Pie is the last winning recipe from the recent Dundas Plowing Match and Agriculture Fair. Thanks to Marilyn Sentner for her recipe.

Yvonne’s Wild Blueberry Jam

Today's recipe, Yvonne's Wild Blueberry Jam is a winning recipe from the Dundas Plowing & Agriculture Fair and is courtesy of Yvonne Cormier.

Helen’s Wild Blueberry Muffins

Today's recipe Helen's Wild Blueberry Muffins was one of winning entries at the recent Dundas Plowing Match & Agriculture Fair.

Wild Blueberry Crisp

Wild Blueberry Crisp is an easy to bake recipe that has a thick layer of juicy berries covered by crispy outer layers. It is as delicious as it sounds.

Wild Blueberry Cherry Pie

Today's recipe of Wild Blueberry Cherry Pie may sound like an odd combination but you cannot argue with such a successful taste. Give it a try and see if you agree.

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