Wild Blueberries: Fresh vs Frozen

Hi: Barry Blue here.

Today, I would like to correct a myth that has been going on for far too long.

You see, some people think that fresh blueberries are better for you than frozen blueberries.

This is simply not the case. Back in 1998, the united States Food And Drug Administration confirmed that frozen fruit and vegetables provide the same essential nutrients and and health benefits as fresh produce.

Now we have all seen those frozen packages of peas that are stuck together in a block of ice. Not a pretty sight I know.

However, blueberries are frozen  using a process called Individual Quick Frozen. Each berry is frozen individually so there is no clumping of berries and large ice crystals do not form.

And since they are frozen at the height of their nutritional peak, they may even be a bit healthier than the berries in your supermarket.

So go wild with your baking and stay healthy.



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