Wild Blueberry Promotions

Memorandum of Understanding for




This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to define the relationship between The Prince Edward Island Wild Blueberry Growers Association (PEIWBGA) and the Client in the delivery of a wild blueberry promotional activity.  


WHEREAS the PEIWBGA wishes to engage the Client to participate in a wild blueberry promotional activity:


MOU Action Items: 

  • The Client will incorporate a new menu or special item that features the use of wild blueberries.
  • Any menu or special item featured in this promotion will specifically use the descriptor “wild” when referring to the product, either in writing or verbally.
  • The Client will communicate participation in the promotion initiative to the PEIWBGA consultant, and provide them with a description of the menu or special item.
  • Where possible, the client will generally track sales of the new menu item and provide that information to the PEIWBGA Consultant at the end of the promotion.
  • If the Client already has an existing wild blueberry menu item, the Client may still participate if they make additional efforts to promote the item. The Client must demonstrate additional efforts for reimbursement and where possible, provide a general comparison of item sales prior and during the promotion.
  • The Client must specifically use frozen wild blueberries. The Client will not be reimbursed for the use of wild blueberry value added products (flavored juice, yogurt, etc.)
  • The Client is responsible for procuring wild blueberries.
  • The PEIWBGA will assist the promotion of the menu items via social media when possible.



  • Financial compensation

The Client will provide proof of purchase for reimbursement for wild blueberries purchased by March 10th 2020, or while funding is still available (see “Term of Memorandum of Understanding”). The Client is responsible for any promotional costs they choose to incur (i.e. tent cards, banners, etc.). The PEIWBGA is responsible for reimbursing Clients who have provided proof of purchase by March 10th 2020 or while funding lasts (see “Term of Memorandum of Understanding”), for 25% of frozen wild blueberry product purchased by the Client. Clients will be reimbursed in a timely manner.


  • Term of Memorandum of Understanding

This project is scheduled to end on March 10th. The total funding available for this project for all participating businesses is $13,000. If funding is exhausted before March 10th, the project will end prematurely and this will be communicated immediately to the Client. It is advised that claims are made promptly after purchase to ensure reimbursement.   



  • Termination

Either party may cancel this MOU and any extension thereof by providing the other party with 30-day notice of cancellation.

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