Avoid Blueberry Flavoured Foods

Don’t eat blueberry flavored foods. This may sound like strange advice coming from a site which promotes blueberries. But trust us. This is very good advice.


Blueberries Are A True Berry

From a botany point of view, a berry is a soft fleshy fruit formed from the ovary of one flower and has its seeds embedded inside the flesh. By this classification, a blueberry is a true berry.

Province Looks To Increase Pollination

The province of Prince Edward Island is looking to increase the bee population and pollination through a new program called the Pollination Expansion Program. It is being put into place to assist existing beekeepers and those looking to get into the industry.

Blueberry Pie Wins Berry Battle

The winner in our recent battle of wild blueberry desserts was Blueberry Pie and it easily beat the other finalist Blueberry Cake.


Why Fresh Wild Blueberries Can Be Hard To Find

While we had no problems finding the wild blueberry, it turned out that we were the exception and that the wild blueberry was a rare gem. Here are the three main reasons that wild blueberries are hard to locate.


A 1922 Newspaper Article On Wild Blueberries

This is an article that appeared in a 1922 newspaper article in which the wonders and marvels of the blueberry are praised. It is interesting to note prior to this date the blueberry had a reputation as a healthy food.


Wild Blueberry Trivia Fun Facts

This video contains some interesting fun facts about the wild blueberry. Join our mascot Barry Blue as he shares them with you.

Wild Blueberries: Fresh vs Frozen

In this video mascot Barry Blue explains that wild blueberries are just as healthy whether they are fresh or frozen.


Health Benefits

Scientists around the world are investigating the disease-fighting potential of blueberries – and the quantity of this research is growing by leaps and bounds

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