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Prince Edward Island’s wild blueberries have existed for over 10,000 years. Prior to this, PEI was connected to the main land by a large valley plain. When the sea level rose, the Island was formed. The retreating glaciers scoured the earth and removed much of the soil. Only the hardiest of plants survived and one of the hardiest was the wild blueberry. It was the high concentration flavonoid anthocyanin, a phytochemical found in blue pigmented fruit which gave the wild blueberry a powerful antioxidant to help it survive in the harsh conditions. This is the reason wild blueberries have more antioxidants than regular blueberries. So when you eat the wild blueberry you are gaining all these extra antioxidant benefits.

The Wild Blueberry has an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) level of 9621. How do other fruits compare? Look at the chart below.  Read the report. (see blueberries pg. 18)

  • Wild Blueberries ORAC 9621 100%
  • Cranberries ORAC 9090 94.5%
  • Blackberries ORAC 5905 61.4%
  • Raspberries ORAC 5065 52.6%
  • Regular Blueberries ORAC 4669 48.5%
  • Strawberry ORAC 4302 44.7%
  • Red Grapes ORAC 1837 19%

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Wild Blueberry Citrus Slushy

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Wild Blueberry Crumb Muffins

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A 1922 Newspaper Article On Wild Blueberries

A 1922 Newspaper Article On Wild Blueberries

This is an article that appeared in a 1922 newspaper article in which the wonders and marvels of the blueberry are praised. It is interesting to note prior to this date the blueberry had a reputation as a healthy food.

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Consumers know some of the benefits blueberries provide, but they’re less aware of the advantages of reverting aging, improving vision and memory, a new study shows:
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A new study shows that blueberries revert aging, improve vision and memory:

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